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Kim's Winery_Soon Makgeoll, WineSoju, Seng Makgeolli, CC vodka style sojui
Kim's Winery_Makgeolli,WineSoju,SojuHana_CC

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Kim's Winery was established in 2008 with the intention of exhibiting a modern spin on traditional Korean soju and makgeolli. In 2012, the term "wine soju" was used to characterize the first release.We have rapidly become a favorite among Canadian lovers of Soju, Korean wine Soju, and the best Makgeolli in Toronto due to our commitment to excellence and passion for producing authentic Korean beverages.

Kim's Winery_WineSoju,

Kim's WineSoju

Wine The 'Canadian corn spirit' and the 'Wine from Niagara' in this fusion-style Soju bring the alcohol content up to 20 percent. This Korean-style fortified wine was created specifically for Korean palates.

Kim's Soon Makgeolli

Kim's Soon Makgeolli

Pure makgeolli, fermented and aged from rice, has a rich, smooth flavor that is both refreshing and satisfying. It has a moderate and pleasant flavor since it is sterile. Pure makgeolli, on the other hand, has a shelf life of over 6 months since the yeast and lactic acid bacteria that are present in raw makgeolli have been eliminated.

Kim's Winery_ Soon Makgeolli


Kim's Winery_Soon Makgeolli
Kim's Winery_SojuHana

Kim's Soju Hana

A Canadian version of the popular Korean spirit, soju. Soju from Canada is just 17,5 percent alcohol! Gentle on the tongue and the throat. You can almost feel yourself merging with the liquid as you consume it.

Kim's CC

SOJU CC This diluted soju, reminiscent of vodka, may be savored in a wide range of drinks. Mixes nicely with a variety of drinks but shines when combined with orange juice.


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