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Toronto's Kim's Winery Soju product. Canadian Corn Voda Liquor

vodka style soju CC

CC SOJU, This soju has been diluted to 40% alcohol by volume, making it suitable for use in a wide range of vodka-based cocktails. It's perfect for making mocktails and other mixed drinks, and pairs especially nicely with orange juice.For those wondering, "CC" means "Canadian Corn."


It's a diluted version of soju in the vodka flavor profile, and it works well in a wide range of drinks. Existing low-water soju makes it hard to enjoy a drink to its full potential, but 40% alcohol soju makes it feasible to create cocktails with a rich, full flavor. An illustration of this would be the drink made by mixing CC Soju with Coke, which is known as Soju Cock.


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