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Kim's Winery_SoonMakgeolli

Soon Mak

Pure makgeolli, fermented and aged from rice, has a rich, smooth flavor that is both refreshing and satisfying. It has a moderate and pleasant flavor since it is sterile. Pure makgeolli, on the other hand, has a shelf life of over 6 months since the yeast and lactic acid bacteria that are present in raw makgeolli have been eliminated.


Creamy and milky in appearance, "Soon Makgeolli" also has a little thick consistency. and subtly sweet from the fermentation of rice, which adds a natural sugar. The sweetness is just right, not sickening. rice wine with a distinct taste profile; a popular alcoholic beverage in traditional Korean culture. It goes well with many different kinds of Korean food and is often served at gatherings.

Kim's Winery_SengMakgeolli

Seng Mak

"Seng makgeolli," or "pure makgeolli," is a kind of makgeolli prized for its undiluted taste. It's produced the old-fashioned way. Seng makgeolli is lauded for eschewing artificial tastes in favor of those found in rice and fermentation. Because of its pleasing and well-rounded flavor, it is often ordered as a traditional Korean drink.


Carbonated, thick, and pleasantly refreshing, makgeolli is a traditional Korean beverage created by fermenting and aging rice. The bitter flavor indicates that the lactic acid bacteria are active. If refrigerated, use within two weeks for best quality.


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